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  Michael Dobson - President
I have 15+ years of CEO experience with growing Internet and software companies.  My goals are to strategically position the company on a path of success and to provide our staff with all the tools they need to succeed.
   Lisa Watkins - Sales Team
With over 3 years of outside sales experience Ms. Lisa Watkins is an asset to the Sales Team.

  Trevor McDowell - Lead Developer/Webmaster
Mr. Trevor McDowell is the Lead Developer for He joined us in March 2013 and has over 10 years of information technology project experience.
  Hank Gillis - Technology Project Manager
Mr. Hank Gillis leads technology projects.  His strengths include a strong technology background and extensive experience as a business analyst in several different industries.
  Jeff Simpson - Sales Team
Our newest addition to the Sales Team.  Mr. Jeff Simpson has 6 years experience in quality customer service.
  Jamie Li - Developer
Mr. Jamie Li is a tremendous asset.  With over 9 years of development experience, he is always looking for ways to do it better and more efficiently.
  Karen Waters - Support Staff
Ms. Karen Waters takes care of all the details and comes through in a crunch.  Keeps the team moving forward.
  Leslie Collins - Support Staff
Ms. Leslie Collins is another recently added valuable team member.  She is anxious and excited about her role at
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